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Twice Baked Potato with Sweet Italian Sausage

The first time I made these twice baked potatoes with sweet Italian sausage, it became my husband’s favorite baked potato. He loved the combination of flavors that this dish offers. We all like baked potatoes with bacon, cheddar cheese and scallions, a classic one! But using sausage this time, it was a great idea, actually… Continue reading Twice Baked Potato with Sweet Italian Sausage

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Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing for Santa

  These cookies are so easy to make and they turn out so good. After they are decorated they are so beautiful. I’m not a good cookie decorator, but I have fun making these cookies. And my son helped me! Christmas baking has been so much fun for us! Santa will be very proud of… Continue reading Sugar Cookies with Royal Icing for Santa

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Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas baking is so much fun! I love to bake a lot of cookies during this time of the year. Here is one more delicious cookie recipe that I’ll be sharing today. It is chocolate gingerbread cookies. Even though I used cocoa powder in the dough, the indistinguishable taste of a gingerbread cookie is still… Continue reading Chocolate Gingerbread Cookies

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Butter Cookies with a Hint of Orange and Almond

Butter Cookies for the Holidays!!! I actually posted this recipe last year. But I decided to repost it, because these cookies are so good. A lot of people already tested my recipe and every single person loved it. The cookie dough is very easy to prepare. You can also place it in plastic wrap and freeze it. Then you… Continue reading Butter Cookies with a Hint of Orange and Almond

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Torta de Maçã

  Quem é que não gosta de uma torta de maçã? Melhor ainda as que a gente faz em casa, né? Sem conservantes, sabores artificiais, etc…Somente ingredientes simples que são transformados em uma maravilha chamada Torta de Maçã!!! ❤🍎. Eu adoro torta de maçã. O cheirinho de maçã e canela que fica na casa, quando a… Continue reading Torta de Maçã

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Orange-Scented Spritz Cookies

With the holidays approaching it’s the best time to make lovely, and beautiful cookies. Spritz cookies are delicious, crispy-buttery cookies originated in Germany and very popular in other European countries, as well as here in the USA. They are made usually with a cookie press, and a template to form several different shapes. We can… Continue reading Orange-Scented Spritz Cookies

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Apple Walnut Bundt Cake with Maple Syrup Glaze

This is a super moist cake with big pieces of apples and also has a little crunch from the walnuts in it. The simple glaze made with maple syrup takes this cake to an over the top cake! The cake by itself is not too sweet. It’s a perfect accompaniment with a nice cup of… Continue reading Apple Walnut Bundt Cake with Maple Syrup Glaze